Design & manufacturing process equipment

Innovative systems development

PVD/CVD equipment development

Specific vacuum equipment

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We are currently involved in an INTERREG project. The goal is to develop a production machine for synthetic diamonds

ITO alternative

We are also involved in a FP7 project. This project is about finding an alternative to ITO coatings.


Socrate Industrie is a young company, situated near Besancon, in France.
Socrate Industrie is a vacuum specialist, for all kind of applications. We are competent in the electrical and mechanical design, the assembly, and the focus of your special machine, according to your needs.
We are also specialized in the different methods of coating: PVD, CVD, CBE. We are working according to your specifications, but we can also define it together.
We are able to cover all the process of the machinery manufacturing, from the idea, via the designing, and to finish with the delivery and the installation in your company.
Socrate Industrie is an innovative company, highly experimented in project leading.

Together, build the technologies of future.