PVD and CVD reactors

We have the capacity to design and build complete coating systems

Vacuum equipment

Heaters, custom feedthrough, cathodes, planetaries… our technical designers will help to find the best solution in relation to customer’s need.

Mechanical engineering & special machines

We also have competencies in special machine development, for all kind of applications.

Valuable partnership

Within the years, we developed partnerships with major industrial actors in different fields of activity.


You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience, and an end product that is better than you first imagined.

MPC500 - taC coating

Hard carbon PVD coating, modular systems which allow different technology configurations

MW6 – MWCVD diamond reactor

Fully automated and safe industrial microwave plasma CVD for high purity single crystal diamond

HF60 – HFCVD reactor

HFCVD reactors fulfills all NCD and MCD specific needs of customers for lab-scale applications, mass production, industrial applications or R&D projects.

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